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In 2005 I copied the mp3 and transcripts than they provided, for the case that one day I could lose the access. Now the original transcriptions are accessible in Wayback Machine or through this page.

But, What is one Rare Song? Rare Live Song LC? or Other Song? What criteria of qualification defined any song? I guess they are songs unpublished, early versions, improvisations, with significant changes, etc. Sometimes are not songs, such presentations or poems. Leonard Cohen evolves his work a lot, we found significant changes of lyrics (but the versions of Hallelujah are well known and they are not Rare) and music changes (The Butcher 1976, with minor changes in the lyrics, is an essential Rare). At the end it is a personal choice. Note that often the sound quality is very bad. Keep in mind that Leonard may not be satisfied with some things, he stated his disagreement with published the outtakes as bonus in 2007.

In this page you can find links to some transcripts, many of twoshakesofalambstail. Due to my difficulty to understand English, the transcriptions are very important to me, especially in unusual songs.
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