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UGG snow boots Dachu the luxury big Fan!

The popular not keep up with the changes in the weather, here in northern China began to cool down over Europe and the United States star early wearing UGG boots. Do not worry UGG seemingly “heavy” appearance, European and American star to teach your snow boots with the road; we know, although cool, and the beauty of you will not forget of clothing with problem!

Sarah Jessica Parker, light blue jeans with ugg boots on sale star flavor. Brown leather jacket and scarf with a great texture, cool casual, and casual fashion. This attracted the attention of passers with, it is worth a try.

Enough the beauty of the people will learn the Li Dayton Mestre (Leighton Meester) worn: First thing, as long as grace, not the temperature; wild suede brown short help snow boots make her legs look more slender; black fishnet stockings and black dots blouse echoes; just red skirt with a black garment tone, contrast, enough sweet.

The low key sweetheart small days after Hillary Duff is UGG “poisoning molecular” different color UGG collect the soles of the feet; then with boots and lower body are selected tights, so you can more body; upper body can be used with different types of clothes, Variety fashion .

Li Dayton Mestre Uptown Girl maintain consistently elegant, blue hat with the same color Foley + Corrina bag came back, with leggings tights + flanging ugg bailey button,elegant to the extreme.

Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller) in “Hippie Hippie Shake” shooting studio, brown suede collar to the influx of a single product, with black UGG, high spirits, this is the most thick winter fashion!
ugg sale online UGG snow boots Dachu the luxury big Fan